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Nearly sixty years ago, in February 1953, the first issue of “Studia Oliveriana” was published. This  organ was the medium of communication for the Library and Oliveriani Museums of Pesaro, an institution wished for by two outstanding scholars of the XVIIIth century, Annibale Olivieri and Giovan Battista Passeri: this institution opened to the public the first of May 1793, exactly 220 years ago.
The first booklet of the journal bears the signature of Scevola Mariotti who in the preface delineates the reasons and limits that the periodical called for: certainly much attention to the immense book holdings comprising documentary, archeological and historical artistic Oliveriano materials, as well as to prominent figures from Pesaro, historically eminent in the arts and sciences, but also to those works “that, although they remain within the limits defined by the periodical, surpass a purely local interest”.
With this same spirit we set about bringing to life the fourth series of “Studia Oliveriana” with the hope that it may prove to be even more fitting to the needs of academia, and not only.

The thematic areas identified are principally three: philology and literature, tradition and fortune in the antique, history and antiquity, with particular reference to the Oliveriano cultural heritage to take on, possibly, as a source for general interest case studies, in other words, able to stir curiosity among international communities of scholars.
From the onset, the principal criteria recognized by ANVUR and, more extensively, from the international community, will be adopted.
In particular, in addition to the scientific committee of international stature, double-blind refereeing will be adopted for each academic paper, with periodic publication of the list of referees (for example every three issues for the two previous years) as well as openness to all of the principal western languages recognized by philological and antiquity disciplines (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian); an english abstract will be obligatory.


Stemma di Annibale Abbati Olivieri Giordani

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